Director’s Message

For almost two years now, our country has been grappling with the health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 virus. The PSHS-MC community has gone from almost totally unprepared, because we have not seen before a pandemic of this magnitude, to a new normal of learning to do our daily routine while trying our best to avoid getting the virus.

Our students and parents managed to transform their homes into a school and the cyberspace as the new classroom. It has not been easy; but with open communication lines with teachers, non-teaching personnel, and the school management; we gradually were able to make remote learning more bearable and as close as possible to the traditional mode of instruction. Both are still works in progress, but the KHub and the CRBL have improved a lot from where we started. We will continue to improve as we learn more.

Our teachers had to almost completely overhaul their way of teaching to cope with the new normal. From learning how to navigate the KHub, to developing materials suitable for remote learning, and a whole lot more. They are our frontliners in our effort to continue providing quality STEM education to our students amidst the pandemic.

Our non-teaching personnel, including our contracted service providers, did their part of adjusting to the new normal and ensure continuity of operation of our campus. Security and cleanliness were maintained. Administrative transactions did not stop. Health protocols were continuously updated and implemented.

With the cooperation of everyone, we managed to keep our campus relatively free from risk of contagion. To date, less than 1% of our total employee population reported to our Health Services Unit that they got infected with the virus. Most, if not all, of them got infected outside the campus. With the help of the Quezon City LGU, around 90% of our employees are already fully-vaccinated, adding a layer of protection to our community. We are not putting our guards down, though, and we continue to implement the health protocols that are currently in place.

We have shown our ability to adapt to the pandemic. And as we learn more about the virus and its effects, we will continuously improve our protocols and processes to ensure uninterrupted service to all our stakeholders. Our collective grit and resilience as a community will help us get through this health crisis and whatever challenge we are going to face in the future.

Let us all continue to keep safe and healthy.