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Advanced Chemistry ​Advanced Chemistry is an elective course offered for Grade 10 students; the course aims to provide students with a detailed understanding and wider perspective on topics covered in their other chemistry subjects. The first three quarters focuses on mastery of Chem1 and 2 topics with main emphasis on conceptual, laboratory and problem based approach of learning various chemistry topics.

Advanced topics (i.e. organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry) are introduced in the last quarter with main emphasis on practical applications of these areas of Chemistry in industries, environment, and research. ​

  1. ​A grade of at least 80% in the Qualifying exam to be administered at the start of the 1st Quarter
  2. No Chem 1 grade lower than 1.25 in any quarter
Astronomy This subject aims to develop skills on how to use celestial objects for navigation and time telling, how to observe astronomical objects using different optical instruments and how to record these observations to know what we know about the universe Earth Science: Q4 grade of 1.75 or better
Bioethics A course that introduces the different ethical theories and their application on different biological, social, economic and political factors that influence our society today. Current bioethical curricula focus on the primacy of Western ethical theories, in this bioethics elective the program will integrate other theories from the social sciences, anthropology, etc. It will be philosophically underpinned by postcolonial theories and other theories which can contextualized the current oppression experienced by people in developing countries. None
Creative Writing Creative Writing in English is an introductory course to the writing of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in the English language. Classes will be held in workshop style, which involves both reading and writing. Students will be first exposed to both classical and contemporary stories, poems, and essays in order to provide a background for their writing experience. Students will then be given numerous opportunities to write their own work using the process-writing approach in small groups. The course also aims to teach the students how to edit literary texts for publication, and how to conceptualize a literary folio.  At the end of the school year, the class will spearhead the publication of the school’s literary folio “Dalumat.” Students must have a final grade of 1.75 or better in all of his/her previous English classes.

Students with exceptional writing skills but do not meet the grade requirement should present a portfolio containing five original literary texts (same genre or mixed)

All students will have to take an editorial exam

Only a maximum of 20 students will be accepted into this elective

This elective is NOT for lazy students. It entails a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. It also requires a lot of humility. Sign-up at your own risk.

Embedded Systems Programming and Design (EmbSys) Students are introduced to the fundamentals of embedded systems using the Arduino development platform. Basics of connecting various electronic systems and sensors are covered. No prerequisites, but an appreciation in computer programming, electronics, or the Arduino development platform will be helpful.
English Journalism This elective aims to give its students basic journalism competency in news, feature, editorial writing, and other specialized topics, that will be used to generate content for the English news publication, The Science Scholar. This will be done mainly through participation in lectures and workshop sessions, contribution to online content, and the publication of the school paper. ​​At least a final GWA of 2.00 in English from their previous school year.
Filipino Journalism Ang Filipino Journalism ay isang elektib na asignatura sa Filipino na umaalinsunod sa R.A. No. 7079 – An Act Providing for Development and Promotion of Campus Journalism and For Other Purposes. Layunin nitong isulong at bigyan ng proteksyon ang kalayaan sa pamamahayag at mapalakas ang pampaaralang pamamahayag bilang instrument ng paglinang ng kagandahang asal, pagsasagawa ng kritikal at malikhaing pag-iisip at pagkakaroon ng pansariling disiplina sa pagbuo ng pampaaralang pampahayagan.

Bukod dito, inaasahang malilinang ang kakayahan ng mga mag-aaral sa pangangalap, pagbuo at paglalahad ng mga balita, pagsulat ng pangulong tudling o editoryal, pagsulat ng balitang pampalakasan, pitak at mga lathalaing pampanitikan, pagwawasto ng mga kopya o sipi ng pahayagan, pagsulat ng lathalaing panlibangan, pag-aanyo ng mga pahina ng pahayagan (lay outing), pagkuha ng larawan, at paggawa ng dokumentaryo (documentary film).

Filipino 4: grade of 1.75 or better
Industrial Chemistry ​Industrial Chemistry is an elective that focuses on hands-on practical chemistry in selected industrial and commercial applications such as food, personal products, wastewater treatment and energy generation.​
  1. ​Willing to work for long continuous hours for experiment
  2. Qualifying Essay​
Laboratory Techniques An introduction to basic Microbiology (offered to junior students) that prepares students to do laboratory research in the biological sciences. The course will expose and train students to quantitative and qualitative general biology methods, basic microbiology methods, and basic microbial genetics and DNA technology. 2.00 Bio 1 grade or better, recommendation from Bio 1 Teacher
Math Modelling This elective is for students who are inclined to pursue math-related research in their Grade 11 and 12 and/or those who are interested in math algorithms and computing. Students are tasked to model solutions (online and by groups most of the time) to real-life math problems in preparation for international math modeling competitions. No math grade requirement but must have interest in mathematics and programming

Must be willing to do research independently, collaborate with other people to accomplish tasks, and work online

MMA (Multimedia Arts Elective) The aim of this subject is to introduce students to the fundamentals of graphic design as it relates to both print and multimedia. Topics in audio and video editing, photography and design principles are also included in this elective.  A digital camera or a Smart Phone (Android/iOS)
Problem Based Physics Its primary purpose is to guide students in generating physics-based problems. The students must be able to identify and/or develop a physics problem that addresses real life issues that raise the concepts and principles relevant to the content domain of physics. Physics 1: Q4 grade of 1.75 or better
Selected Topics in the Life Sciences The evolutionary concept provides the integrative framework for all life sciences.  It has permeated our thinking on conservation measures, diseases and medical treatments, the human race, and many others.  This course aims to provide a venue for the discussion of the scientific and social aspects of selected issues that beset human society at the present time. Grade of 2.0 or higher for Bio 1 and Chem 1

Maximum of 30 students

Sports and Exercise Science An integrated course that emphasizes the application of physics and biology on human performance and disease. It will provide an opportunity for students to apply concepts on human physiology as well as newtonian mechanics on various aspects of human movement and exercise. The course combines exercise physiology and biomechanics which are the foundations of all sports and exercise sciences. None

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