Dear PSHS-MC Team,

Greetings of peace!

Now that we are drawing closer to the end of the year, it would be great to face it like Janus–the two-faced Roman god. After all, the first month of the year was not named after him for no reason. We look back at the year that had been, and we look forward to the year that would be.

As I look back, the first thing I am truly grateful for is the Management Committee’s unwavering support of my plans and decisions for the betterment of our campus. Indeed, without us braving storms together, we would not be able to surpass the complextrials that tested ourtenacity and our team spirit.

I genuinely appreciate our dedicated teachers who work tirelessly just to provide our students with quality instruction and fatherly/motherly support, especially at times when it is already beyond their duty and concern. I am equally thankful for our administrative staff’s joyful service to us and our clients and their unceasing commitment to quality,even after the clock strikes five.

I would also like to express my gratitude to our maintenance and security personnel who have always ensured that our school is safe, secure, and clean for us to be able to study and work with little to no worries and inconvenience.

Lastly, I thank our students for being the school’s pride—not only through the numerous competitions they have won and the high grades they have brought home to their parents, but their wisdom, skills, and talents that they have willingly shared with others beyond the four walls of their classroom. May theysustaintheir dedication to live out our three core values—truth, excellence, and service—especially at times when our morals and ethics are challenged.

When we return after the Christmas break, may we face the next semester and the new year with a bright vision, an optimistic outlook, and a fresh perspective as we continue to contribute to Main Campus’ years of greatness together, as one big team and family.

On behalf of the Management Committee, I wish everyone a meaningful wait for the birth of our Savior and a prosperous and joyous new year. Enjoy your well-deserved break, doing what you have always longed to do and spending precious time with your loved ones.

Best wishes,

Dr. Lawrence V. Madriaga

Campus Director, PSHS-MC