School Announcements

Clearance & Card-Giving Procedure

  1. The student must present his fully accomplished clearance form* to the Registrar staff in-charge of distributing the report card to claim his/her report card. NO REPORT CARD WILL BE ISSUED to students with INCOMPLETE clearances/UNCLEARED items.
  2. If you have accountabilities (click here to view them), you shall not be entertained on April 24, 2015. Please accomplish your accountabilities with concerned Administrative Offices from May 20-22, 2015. Academic Units will not be available during this time.
  3. If you missed your photo session schedule, you will be accommodated only on May 20, 2015.
  4. Students who are not able to claim their report card on April 24, 2015 may do so on May 20-22, 2014, provided the clearance is fully accomplished and presented to the Registrar staff in-charge.
  6. Please be guided by the above procedure.

Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 4TH Year
830AM – 1130AM 2ND FLR SEMINAR RM 2ND FLR SEMINAR RM OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR Students may come anytime from 8.30am-430pm, provided clearance is complete. VENUE is the Office of the Registrar

*with accountabilities only; if student has no accountabilities, he may proceed to the Registrar’s Office and claim his report card.

School Announcements

Important Notice to Incoming Gr 7 for SY 2015-2016

Your schedule of enrolment is already available. Please make sure that all your enrolment documents are complete on enrolment day. If you have incomplete requirements, you may not proceed with all the steps of the enrolment process.

Each student has a specific date and time of enrolment (click here). Please follow the date and time of your own schedule.

For other clarifications, please contact the Office of the Campus Registrar, 924-0614.

Thank you.

School Announcements

Important Announcement on End of SY 2014-2015 Activities

  1. ALL STUDENTS are required to come to school in complete Type A or dengue uniform until April 23, 2015.
  2. PRE-ENROLMENT PROCEDURE for B2018, B2019 & B2020 for SY 2015-2016

    1. Photo Session for School ID
      1. All students must come well-groomed and in proper uniform. Males must be in proper haircut (2” x 3”). Students who do not comply shall not be entertained.
      2. The photo session for the new school ID shall according to the set schedule shown below.
      3. The ID must be worn on the opening day of classes. Each day of non-wearing of the ID is one count of non-compliance.
      4. If any student misses his/her schedule, he/she will have another opportunity on March 27, 2015 at 1pm
      5. If he/she still misses that, he/she will be accommodated only on opening day and onwards. However,if he/she absents himself from class for the photo session, this absence SHALL NOT be excused.
    2. Pre-enrolment Schedule

      1. Photo Session
        16 Mar 17 Mar 18 Mar 19 Mar 20 Mar
        10.50-11.50 Champaca Rosal Ilang Adelfa Dahlia
        11.50-12.50 Ruby Emerald Sapphire Camia Jasmin
        3.10-4.10 Opal Jade Topaz Garnet Diamond
        4.10-5.00 Sampaguita Be Cs Li Mg
        23 Mar 24-Mar
        10.50-11.50 Na Rb
        11.50-12.50 K Sr
      2. Submission of all clearance requirements shall be on or before MARCH 27, 2015. The following are the clearance requirements:
        Office of the Registrar

        1. Photo Session (see above)
        2. 3 pcs. 1 x 1 ID Picture with name tag (skyblue background)*
        3. Completely filled-out Student Directory – 2 copies (form available at the Office of the Campus Registrar or click here)*
        4. Replacement of Attendance Folder (long) – 1 pc per section
        5. 5 pieces short brown envelope

        *Must be placed in a new long brown envelope per student

        Guidance Center (all batches):

        1. Update of Cumulative Records
        2. 1pc. 1X1 ID Picture with name tag

        1. X-ray result (should have been done NOT EARLIER than January 2015)
        2. 1pc. 1X1 ID Picture with name tag (skyblue background)
        3. Annual Physical Exam (by the PSHS School Clinic)
        4. Oral Prophylaxis (for Grades 7 and 9 only)
        Residence Halls:

        1. Return of Room Key
        2. Whistle
        3. Flashlight

        1. Return of borrowed books
        2. Settlement of Library Fines
        Property Office:

        1. Returning of books
        2. Clearing of lockers
        Cashier (select students only – please see Cashier for details):

        1. ATM Card Request Update Form (ACRUF)
        2. ATM Application Form
        3. Photo copy of ID

        * Forms available at the Cashier’s Office

  3. Assignment of Sections shall be given on enrolment day, upon submission of the SY 2014-2015 final report card.
  4. Enrolment schedule shall be announced later. Please check our website, for more information.
  5. Student’s current scholarship category (Full, Partial 1, 2 or 3) shall be carried over to SY 2015-2016, unless re-categorization is desired and necessary. If so, the student must re-apply and submit the requirements on or before May 15, 2015. Forms and list of requirements may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.