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Smart Infoboard Registration for Grade 7

Attention all Grade 7 Parents and Students:

You can now register to the SMART INFOBOARD by going to this link: and follow the instructions for registration. Since we are working on a limited fund for this activity, we would like to request one Smart number from every student and only one parent can register.

Through SMART INFOBOARD, teachers, administrative staff, parents, and students are able to receive free important updates and announcements through SMS.

Thank you.

School Announcements

Elective Subjects for SY 2014-2015

The following subjects are the electives for the 4th year students. You may choose the subjects that you want by enlisting your name but be reminded that the final say for your acceptance will come from the subject teacher. In case you are not accepted in one elective, make sure that you get enrolled in another. Thank you.

(click the subject title for the description)

  1. Advanced Chemistry
  2. Cosmology
  3. Design, Innovation, and Creativity Elective
  4. Embedded Systems Programming and Design
  5. English Journalism 2
  6. Filipino Journalism 2
  7. Industrial Chemistry
  8. Selected Topics in the Life Sciences
  9. Math 7 (Discrete Mathematics)
  10. Math 8: Math Training Elective
  11. MMA (Multimedia Arts Elective)
  12. Theater Arts
  13. Visual Communication

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School Announcements

Schedule of Enrolment/School Opening Activities School Year 2014-2015

Date Time  
April 21 – May 9, June 10 Per Assigned Schedule Regular Enrolment for Incoming Grade 7
June 17 8am-12nn Regular Enrolment for Grade 8 (see below)/Dist of books
  2pm-3:15pm Orientation
June 18 8am-12nn Regular Enrolment for Grade 9 (see below)/Dist of books
  2pm-3:15pm Orientation
June 19 8am-12nn Regular Enrolment for 4th year (see below)/Dist of books
  2pm-3:15pm Orientation
June 15/22 8:00 am Dorm Check In for Dormers (Gr 7/Upper years)
June 16 7:10 am OPENING OF CLASSES/Flag Raising Ceremony-Grade 7
June 23 7:10 am OPENING OF CLASSES (upper years)/Flag Raising Ceremony


  1. The specific schedule of enrolment is presented in a separate table below, based on students’ PREVIOUS sections in school year 2013-2014. Please note that there will be NO ENROLMENT IN THE AFTERNOON ON JUNE 17-18, 2014. Be in complete uniform and proper haircut (2”x3” for boys).
  2. The student must submit his PSHS Form 5-OCR (or Enrolment Checklist of Requirements*, please click here to download Form 5-OCR, Form 138 (Report Card) along with other requirements (based on the checklist) to the Registrar staff in-charge.
  3. Students who have not yet claimed their report cards cannot do so during enrolment.
  4. Students who cannot come for enrolment may enrol on June 23, 2014 (late enrolees)from 8am onwards. Students WILL NOT BE EXCUSED from classes.
  5. No books will be issued after 1:45pm to make way for students’ and parents’ attendance to the orientation
  6. Parents are enjoined to attend the orientation.
  7. Students must present their duly accomplished Form 5-OCR to their teachers during the 1st week of classes. If he/she loses it, he/she must obtain the Certificate of Enrolment from the OCR.
  8. Students must come in complete uniform and proper haircut beginning on June 23, 2014.
  9. Lockers may be reserved on upon enrolment at the Property Office.

Enrolment Schedule

  17 June 18 June 19 June
  Incoming Gr 8 (sections indicated below were for SY 2013-2014) Incoming Gr 9 (sections indicated below were for SY 2013-2014) Incoming 4th Yr (sections indicated below were for SY 2013-2014)
8am – 9am Diamond/Opal Ilang/Adelfa Be/K
9am – 10am Emerald/Ruby Jasmin/Camia Cs/RB
10am – 11am Garnet/Sapphire Rosal/Champaca Li/NA
11am – 12nn Jade/Topaz Sampaguita/Dahlia Mg/Sr
2pm 3:15pm Orientation Orientation Orientation

For your information and guidance.


We wish to advise students and parents of the PSHS Main Campus that you may apply for additional living allowance every year, especially when family circumstances changed recently, such as sudden loss of income, or other personal hardships. The application shall be subject to evaluation by a Special Committee formed for this purpose, based on document submissions, background investigation and/or personal visits. However, it is important to note that the student’s scholarship category in the immediately preceding school year shall be carried over automatically to the next school year, without having to apply for additional allowance.

If you wish to apply for additional living allowance, please click here to download the Application for Scholarship Categorization form and the Sworn Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth form. Please submit these forms completely filled out and duly notarized, together with the other required documents enumerated in the Enrolment Checklist of Requirements, to the Office of the Registrar upon enrolment.

Thank you.