Guidance Center

Guidance Office

1  Information Service
2  Counseling Service
3  Individual Inventory Service
4  Testing Service
5  Career Guidance
6  Homeroom Guidance
7 Guidance Counselors


Information Service

This service involves dissemination of information relevant to the student’s life, personality development, college preparation and general information that are made available through the following: guidance brochures, display of informative materials, cut-outs and works of arts which are posted in the bulletin boards.


Counseling Service

This is the heart of the guidance program. It is a unique face to face relationship between a counselee and a counselor. The counseling process will provide the counselee the opportunity to learn, feel, think and understand himself to make decisions, solve his own problems and develop self-direction.


Individual Inventory Service

This service is designed to gather all reliable information and pertinent records of the individual student. These records include personal data, family and cultural background, health history, scholastic achievements, out-of school activities, follow-up records, significant notes based on interviews by counselors, teachers and parents.


Testing Service

Testing is an appraisal service given to obtain a measure of the student’s ability, achievement and other characteristics. These data are used to predict future performances, diagnose student problems and learning difficulties and evaluate instructional methods and programs. It seeks to address the need for assessment of a student’s strengths and weaknesses.


Career Guidance

It is designed to assist students make a correct choice of a course and activities where they could be involved in. It also extends direct assistance to students to achieve necessary adjustment in certain curricular and co-curricular activities in school that suit their interests, abilities and needs.

Activities related to Career Guidance Career Exposure Program
  1. Career Talks / Orientation
    1. Alumni
    2. Rotary
  2. University / College Campaign and Orientation
    1. Ateneo de Manila University
    2. De La Salle University
    3. University of the Philippines
  3. Career Seminar
  1. University / College Admission Assistance
    1. ACET
    2. DLSU
    3. UPCAT
  2. Scholarship Assistance
    1. DOST-SEI


Homeroom Guidance

Designed to foster individual and community development, different modules of topics ranging from study skills and self-esteem development to self-awareness and class unity are effectively carried out by the counselors, together with the help of the Homeroom Advisers.


Guidance Counselors

Mr. Ed Herpert D. Briones – Unit Head
Ms. Jennifer A. Rombo – Guidance Counselor
Ms. Girlie P. Caluag – Guidance Counselor
Ms. Diana Genevive H. Layag – Guidance Counselor

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